Product Features

Spray Wax

  • Hydrophobic polymers repel dirt, grime and water for a longer lasting wet-look shine.
  • Specially designed to leave no powdery residue in seams or on trim.
  • Works on all exterior surfaces including plastic, rubber and trim.
  • Available in 22 oz bottle.


Is liquid, paste or spray wax best?

All three will provide your vehicle the same protective coating; it primarily comes down to personal preference. Some enthusiasts like to use the liquid or paste due to the thicker consistency while a spray wax is a quicker method. Barrett-Jackson offers all three versions of wax.

TIP – Use a soft, clean microfiber towel to buff the wax off for best results.

How often should I “wax” my car?

For maximum protection against the harmful environmental elements, we recommend waxing your car an average of 3-4 times a year. Vehicles kept covered can last longer while vehicles kept outside may need to be waxed as often as once a month. Darker color cars will also require more frequent waxing.

TIP – To help extend your wax protection, always use a wash designed for automotive use. Otherwise, you can strip the wax. We suggest Barrett-Jackson Wash & Wax.

What is the difference between a polish and a wax?

Polishes contain compounds designed to remove scratches from the surface of your paint, while waxes protect your car with a clear, hard coating. Waxes can be either synthetic or natural. The high-grade Carnauba wax, found in Barrett-Jackson wax, delivers the best combination of lasting protection and deep gloss. Polishes provide the "shine" for your paint, while waxes provide the "protection."

TIP – If you use a polish, look for one that matches the color of your car.

Can I wax my vehicle in the sun?

While you can wax your vehicle in the sun, for best results we recommend you wax out of direct sunlight. When your paint’s finish gets hot, it “bakes” the wax, hardening it to a point where it can be more difficult to remove.

TIP – Try early morning or late afternoon when the sun’s at a low angle, or try pulling the vehicle under a tree, in a garage or into the shade of a building.