Product Features

Interior Protectant

  • Formulated to provide a soft, semi-gloss sheen that keeps surfaces looking new.
  • Non-greasy formula dries quickly and won’t rub off.
  • UV protection chemistry prevents fading, cracking and discoloration.
  • Available in 16 oz bottle. 


Can I use the interior protectant on my leather?

While the interior protector is safe to use on leather surfaces, you'll get better results if you use a product that's specially-designed to treat leather. That's what our Leather Cleaner & Conditioner was designed to do.

Is the Barrett-Jackson interior protectant greasy like others are?

No, Barrett-Jackson created a non-greasy formula that will not rub off. The protectant dries quickly to a dry-touch finish and has a UV coating for added protection.

Where do I use an interior protectant?

You can use an interior protectant on all interior surfaces, including plastic, rubber and trim.

TIP – Typically, the dirtiest spots in your car are the ones you touch the most — give these spots a second cleaning or spend a few extra minutes on them for best results.