Product Features

Tire Shine

  • Engineered with silicone emulsions, the formula penetrates rubber and quickly dries to the touch. Just spray it on and walk away—no wiping needed.
  • A quick-dry formula means you don’t have to worry about liquid slinging off your tires while you drive. 
  • Unlike other petroleum-based shines, our water-based formula prevents tire browning so your ride maintains the same unweathered presence year after year.
  • Available in 22 oz bottle. 


How do I get long-lasting tire shine?

Choose a thick formula that clings to the vertical tire sidewall which will eliminate “tire sling” onto body panels — such as the Barrett-Jackson Tire Shine. This will allow the product to adhere better and last longer.

TIP – Apply Tire Shine in thin and even coats. Drive your vehicle a few feet forward after you apply your first coat so that the section of the tire that was closest to the ground will get an even application as well.

How frequently should I wash my wheels and tires?

It is best to wash your wheels and tires each time you wash your car, every week or every other week. This will prevent build-up in the wheels and keep the cleaning process minimal. It is safe to use a car wash solution on your wheels first and follow up with the Wheel Cleaner.